Monday, December 17, 2012

hummingbird feather
hummingbird feather

On Sunday I participated in the Audubon Society’s annualWinter Bird Count.  Each participating city has a five- mile radius circle where people divide up and count as many kinds of birds as they can. Being almost the darkest day of the year, at least in the northern hemisphere, it was cold, windy, and rainy.  I thought the birds would, like me, want to get to a warm cozy place. But then I looked closely and saw that their feathers were sheltering them. The curved body feathers were fluffed up. They were shedding the rain, and keeping the wind out. So elegant and cozy. When I went home, I took off my cumbersome and relatively ineffective clothes--my outdoor feathers. I sat under the roof inside my house by a warm fire--my indoor feathers. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

For December, my work will be at Zeitgeist and Row House in Seattle. 

Row House is a cafe/restaurant on Republican by the Amazon Headquarters offices. It is a nice and funky atmosphere and despite the low lighting in places, my work displays nicely there.  We hung 25 pieces December first.  They will be on display until at least the middle of January.  A reception is planned for early January--more about this later once the date is nailed down.

Zeitgeist is in the gallery district downtown Seattle in Pioneer Square on Jackson Street.  The artist reception at 6: pm on December 6th coincides with the first Thursday Seattle Arts Walk.  Work will be hung December 5th, up to 20 pieces.  This show will go until January 2nd.